Peninsula Celebration Association Invitational Independence Day Parade Rules

The Annual Independence Day Parade is presented for entertainment purposes only. It is not designed as a forum for political, social, religious or economic ideas or doctrines. Therefore, no such entry will be permitted. The parade committee shall, in its sole discretion, determine whether an entry is appropriate for this parade. The parade committee reserves the right to reject any entry if not in an established category of uniformity set forth in the guiding rules.

Failure to comply with all rules could cause penalties and/or disqualification.

All Classes

  • All instructions and directions from Parade officials must be obeyed.
  • No objects are to be handed out, thrown, sprayed, or discharged in any way or at any time along the parade route.
  • No parade participant, vehicle, float, etc. shall carry, display, or transport any sign, poster, or printed message. A banner carried in front of the entry may be permitted to identify the unit or group and all such banners must be approved in advance by the parade Committee.
  • A commercial entry must enhance the parade.
  • Minimum age to march in our parade is eight years old.
  • No one under eight (8) years of age may appear on a float or in a vehicle unless they are accompanied by a person 18 years or older at all times.
  • No alcoholic beverage of any type will be allowed.
  • No type of abusive language will be allowed.
  • For safety reasons, all living things on a moving entry must be secured. No one is allowed to ride on running boards, hoods, roofs, or fenders.
  • No unit may re-enter the parade route more than one time for competition, regardless of any changes made.
  • If a unit is removed from the parade route for specific reason, it is not allowed to re-enter.
  • Any entry not completing the parade route will not be eligible to receive a prize.
  • Units with animals must maintain control of them at all times. The animal must enhance the entry.
  • Units with sound or noise must note this on the written application, and must maintain a set decibel level as to not interfere with other units. This setting will be calibrated in the formation area with meter. The set level for sound is 85db at 50 feet. Boom boxes are not effective in the parade environment.
  • All new parade entries must attend a parade workshop.
  • All persons riding motorcycles, bicycles, scoters, skateboards must wear helmet and protective gear.
  • Any entry not completing the parade route under its own power will be penalized.
  • All units must perform throughout the entire parade route, and continue in FORWARD MOTION at all times.
  • No loaded weapons or discharging of firearms will be allowed.


  • All bands are required to play continuously along the parade route.


  • Identification banners are encouraged for entries in the parade however must be for entry identification purposes only. Listing of telephone numbers, addresses or statements on a banner or sign will not be allowed.

Color Guards

  • A non-equestrian color guard must consist of at least four persons and must carry a National Flag and one other flag.

Drill Teams

  • Individual majors/majorettes must be a member of a participating unit.


  • No bareback riders will be allowed.


  • All new (first time) float entries must attend a float workshop.
  • All float decorations must be flame resistant and conform to the Fire Department Regulations.
  • Each float and each tow vehicle must carry at least one ABC fire extinguisher. 2-A:10-B:C, with current certification or purchased with in the last 90 days of Parade, receipt required day of parade.
  • All float entries will be inspected by the PCA and may be inspected by the Fire Department.
  • Float or tow vehicle driver must remain with float at all times. Must have a valid California drivers license and provide proof of insurance with the parade application.
  • The float entry that receives the Sally Morrison Grand Sweepstakes Award (highest overall point total) wins the assigned cash prize and trophy, and is removed from competition in their entered category.


  • All drivers Must have a valid California driver's license and provide proof of insurance with application.

Vehicles - 1949 or older

  • The number of antique vintage carriages will be limited. All new antique vintage carriage entries must submit a photo with their application.


You will be notified of which Division you are in by advance email the second week of June. This same information will be posted on our web site