We are proud that the members of our organization have operated the Peninsula Celebration Association for more than 75 years as a true volunteer group. Our goal is to help make our city not just a great place to live, but also a real community of people who care.


The Peninsula Celebration Association held their first celebration in 1939 when a local car dealer, butcher and real estate agent (Ole Olson, Walt Maloney and Charles Holt, respectively), came together to create a nonprofit, all-volunteer event that allowed local families to celebrate the Fourth of July close to home. Originally, the Fourth of July included a parade and carnival, and later on added a rodeo.


The all-day event, the Peninsula Celebration Association Family 4th in Redwood City, California, continues to be as great today as it was in 1939. All the activities included in the Peninsula Celebration Association Family 4th continue to be organized by the dedicated volunteers of the Peninsula Celebration Association. These activities include the The Annual Independence Day Parade and the The July 4th Festival.


All of the activities that make up the Family 4th are guided by the supervision of an all-volunteer group of officers and directors that meet and plan throughout the year to bring the event to city. You are welcome to join us. Contact us and let us know that you would like to help.


The Peninsula Celebration Association Foundation board manages an endowment that produces income used to help finance the Family 4th celebration. Additionally, local businesses and corporations contribute to the event financially and through other donated resources.

Did you know?

It is only logical that Redwood City, the county seat of San Mateo County, should be a parade capital. The first parade conducted here occurred on July 4, 1887, when outside the old courthouse there was 38-gun salute that put into motion the Redwood City Brass Band and other marching unit — 23 years before they even got around to paving the streets in downtown Redwood City.

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