Note for note, these two local college bands fight it out!

Started in 2000 the Battle of the Bands (BOTB) brings local favorites together for your listening and visual enjoyment. From just a few miles south, the always entertaining Stanford Marching Band faces off with the musically talented Cal Aggie Band-uh (from UC Davis).

The premise of our BOTB format is no band is allowed to play a previously played song from that "battle". Although each band has quite a vast collection of songs, our "battle" only lasts two hours, so neither is in jeopardy of exhausting their song library. Listen for the opposing bands groans as one band chooses a title that the other had selected to play next.

And watch out! You never know when an errant sousaphone player or wandering saxophonist could run you over. Just because they start playing in the stage area, doesn't mean they'll stay there! You have seen these bands play before, right?!?!

There is no admission, however donations are accepted to support the event.